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Welcome to your Digital PTO Site!

Welcome to | Powering PTA’s & PTO’s online. We are excited to have you as a part of our team. As you can see, we have laid out some of the ground work for you to get your site started quickly.

We have added some of the most common menu navigation options across the top of your website and added some filler content to each of the Pages. You are welcome to edit and delete any and all of the pre-created pages as you see fit.

We Suggest our 30 Minute Quick Start Guide

If you would like to learn the Digital PTO system in an easy to follow guided flow, we have set up a Quick Start Guide for you located at

This guide will walk you through every critical step in setting up your PTO’s website and train you at the same time. We highly suggest you complete this Quick Start Guide.

If you would prefer to jump right in and learn how to use specific parts of our system, below we have highlighted a few of the key functionalities that you will want to know how to operate. Don’t worry, it’s VERY SIMPLE!

The Quick Start Guide will cover the following:

If you would prefer to see ALL of our help documents, please click HERE to access our Main Learning Center.

Watch a Quick 2 Minute Introduction of Digital PTO

We have also created a quick introductory video to show you around your site in just two minutes.

You can watch the Introduction Video Here.

Welcome again to Digital PTO!

We would all like to take this moment to officially thank you for signing up for Digital PTO and we hope you will love our service as much as we love providing it for you.

See you soon ~

The Digital PTO Staff


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Unlock Digital PTO’s Full Power with a Premium Plan

Digital PTO was built by PTA Presidents that knew exactly what parent groups needed for their online resources and tools. The Digital PTO Premium Plan includes all those extra features that make Digital PTO so unique and special.

Premium Plan membership unlocks the rest of Digital PTO. If you are serious about communicating with your community online, and plan to use Digital PTO to save your group money that can be put back into your school, we urge you to explore the features and options available with our Premium Plans. It’s worth every single penny and much more.

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